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Our mission is to promote the public interest by making available a variety of experiential and interdisciplinary learning opportunities to individuals at various stages of life and across a broad range of backgrounds and interests.


Interdisciplinary learning advances critical thinking through the exploration of multiple viewpoints on a given topic, derived from alternative disciplines.  Learners develop tolerance for ambiguity as they acquire a better understanding of the complexity of problems of interest and the associated challenges of solving them.

Experiential learning is a process whereby the learner interacts with the world and integrates new learning into old constructs.  As such it fosters the ability to apply knowledge in complex and ambiguous situations.


The world is interdisciplinary, and life is experiential. 


The ability to integrate and apply information, and the commitment to life-long learning, are required to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

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We welcome participation by anyone who shares our mission. There are lots of ways to get involved.  We need help with programming, outeach, communications, and fundraising.  We also welcome advisory board members and other sponsors.

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